What do you need for a successful winter season? Swiss stone pine schnapps.

It belongs to a cozy winter's day like the (artificial) bearskin in front of the fireplace. It warms our hearts and minds and can turn any icy cold into a pleasant chill. It makes us strong and courageous like no other. Believe it or not - today I'm going to tell you the top secret recipe for making the best, fruitiest and most beautiful Swiss stone pine schnapps in the world.


Can schnapps be a medicine?

From (perhaps too early) childhood, my grandmother told me that schnapps was almost the only salvation for some ailments.

These include nausea, bloating, the onset of a cold or sore throat, not to mention shock-like conditions. "I need a schnapps!" was a common saying in our household.

In fact, the medical effect of high-proof alcohol is controversial, as alcohol almost always has a more stressful than healing effect on the body - but as everywhere else, the dose makes the poison.


My Zirberl

Ever since my first encounter with the aromatic wonder drink in the valley station of Krakauschatten, I have had a sentimental weakness for the drink affectionately known by its fans as "Zirberl". Although on this evening, the weakness could not necessarily be classified as sentimental.

My very special recipe was created after some trial and error by a dear friend who has dedicated a long time to finding the right balance of ingredients. The result cannot be compared with other Zirberln (which I also usually like very much). The color and fruit notes in particular are exceptional.


We need

2 L Grain

Peel 4 Swiss stone pine cones

30 dag sugar

1 handful of currants


How does it work?

🌲 Peel the cones (!!), we do not use the inside. This means that the outer brown lamellae are peeled off the light brown core. The core is discarded.

🌲 Depending on the quantity selected, fill suitable large (loosely) sealable jars with the ingredients

🌲 Leave in a cool and sunny place for 10-14 days - stir every few days

🌲 Pour into clean bottles and store in a dark and cool place

Now all that remains is to enjoy!!!


Tip: Swiss stone pine cones and currants don't have to be fresh, both can also be used frozen - after defrosting, of course. 💚