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fussballreisen.com supports the KlimafitWald biodiversity initiative!


Biodiversity, or biological diversity, refers to the variety of life on our planet. As a partner of KlimafitWald and in cooperation with pro.earth, the company is actively involved in "Mission Biodiversity", which aims to protect and preserve valuable natural habitats. The following projects are part of the "Mission Biodiversity" and are supported by fussbalreisen.com:


Flowering rough pastures

Natural treasures for biodiversity

The "Flowering rough pastures" project is dedicated to the promotion and protection of rough pastures, which are true ecological powerhouses despite their low yield. Not only do they provide a habitat for many different animal species, they are also crucial for the survival of many insects and birds. Their ability to bind CO₂ and produce oxygen makes them invaluable allies in the fight against climate change.


Orchard meadows

A mosaic of nature

Another supported project is "Streuobstwiese: Hotspot of Biodiversity", which highlights the diversity of these ecosystems. Orchard meadows are home to a rich diversity of species and provide a habitat for numerous animal species. They improve water quality and protect the soil from erosion, while playing an important role in preserving the genetic pool of many traditional fruit varieties.


Crayfish diversity in Austria

The "Crayfish Diversity" project is dedicated to the protection of native crayfish species that are essential for the purification of water bodies and the promotion of biodiversity. By conserving these species, the project contributes to improving water quality and preserving natural ecosystems.


Nesting aids

To protect birdlife, the project supports "Nisthilfen", which promotes bird conservation by providing nesting boxes in woodland areas. This contributes to the health of forests by helping birds to control pest populations and spread seeds.


Each of these projects demonstrates fussballreisen.com's commitment to protecting the environment and promoting biodiversity. By choosing fussballreisen.com, customers are not only supporting their favorite sport, but also helping to advance important environmental initiatives.


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