AT.INTERMODAL supports the bee project

A buzz for the future: AT.INTERMODAL's initiative for sustainability and the preservation of biodiversity as a bee sponsor. 🐝


On the road to a more sustainable future, AT.INTERMODAL has positioned itself as a company that takes its responsibility towards the environment seriously. Its commitment to making a positive contribution to nature conservation sets it apart as a pioneer in environmental protection and sustainability.


Bee sponsorship

In addition to the initiative to reforest by planting young trees, AT.INTERMODAL has taken another important environmental protection measure: the company is now a proud bee sponsor as part of the "Bees in the Forest" project. This commitment emphasizes the indispensable role of bees in the ecological cycle as key pollinators that are essential for maintaining biodiversity. Promoting species-rich habitats makes a significant contribution to protecting the bee population.


Bees in the forest

In view of the global threat posed by habitat loss and the extensive use of pesticides, AT.INTERMODAL is sending out a clear signal for environmental protection. The Carnica bee, which is native to Carinthia, benefits in particular from the "Bees in the Forest" project, as the Klimafitwald as part of this project offers ideal, pesticide-free living conditions.


The role of bees

Bees play a crucial role as pollinators, contributing significantly to the reproduction of plants. Around a third of our food depends directly on their pollination work. In addition, bees are essential for biodiversity, as they contribute to the reproduction of numerous tree and plant species.

By supporting the "Bees in the forest" project, AT.INTERMODAL not only demonstrates its commitment to nature conservation, but also actively promotes the health and balance of our environment.


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