Bicycles more popular than cars in Paris for the first time

In recent years, the French capital has invested heavily in expanding its bicycle network while reducing the number of car parking spaces. This rigorous new transport policy is bearing fruit: for the first time, the bicycle has clearly overtaken the car as a means of transportation. However, there is a big difference in usage between the inner city and the outer districts, where the car still plays an important role.


Parisians do most of their walking, according to a survey by the Paris Region urban planning institute. According to the survey, around 53.5 percent of journeys are made on foot. This is followed by the use of public transportation at 30 percent. More than twice as many journeys are made by bicycle than by car, namely 11.2 percent. Car use is at 4.3 percent.


David Belliard, the deputy mayor responsible for transport, said on X: "Who could have predicted ten years ago that bicycles would overtake cars? But it has happened!" He also explained that the figures show the change in lifestyle in Paris and the acceptance of the change.


It also shows that a well-managed climate policy is leading to these changes in people's lifestyles. In the Parisian suburbs, however, the trend has not yet fully taken hold, where the car is the most popular means of transportation, which may also be due to the limited availability of alternatives suitable for everyday use. The authorities also want to reverse the trend in these areas by greatly expanding the train and light rail network.