May tops - from the medicine cabinet to the plate

It grows and flourishes in spring. With the shoots of the conifers, we can bring a little piece of the forest into our homes, which will enhance our well-being all year round and also delight the palate.


The scent of May tops and the preparation of cough syrup is a spring ritual from my grandmother's universe. It was her absolute remedy for coughs - sometimes I would fake it or artificially prolong it because her magic syrup tasted so good.

This exquisite taste also makes the Maiwipfel interesting for the kitchen.

But that's not all: heated minds can find peace with resinous bath salts or oil extracts.

Maiwipfel are therefore all-rounders for well-being and culinary delights.


In the medicine cabinet - the syrup

For the healing syrup, which has an almost antibiotic effect due to the resin and vitamin C, you always need about twice as much sugar as the amount of tops (i.e. 500 g of tops to 1 kg of sugar).

Alternate layers of sugar and tops (each about 2 cm thick) in a cucumber jar, cover with a cloth and leave to stand in a sunny place for 2-3 weeks.

The resulting brown syrup is filtered through a fine sieve or cloth and poured into dark glass jars. It will keep for a good year if kept cool and dry in clean jars.


In the kitchen

The wonderful essential oils that the tops contain make them ideal for fresh processing. Salted or cooked, they can of course also be kept for longer.

Salt with finely chopped May tops can give any dish a very special flavor.

They are an excellent seasoning for all kinds of hearty dishes and add a very special touch. Home-baked bread with a light forest note can also be particularly interesting and full-bodied.


In the boudoir

To make the soothing bath salt, mix finely chopped May tops with about twice the amount of salt and leave to rest in a dark place for 2 weeks. It is a wonderful addition to cough therapy as a relaxing bath or inhalation additive or simply to feel good and relax in the bath.


What to consider when picking

As always: humility. Please only pick a few tops per tree - it needs them urgently!

Caution: Do not use yew - poisonous!!!