Less is more in almost all cases

The timing of Christian Lent is well chosen. After the abundance of Christmas indulgences and the frenzy of carnival, a reduction in whatever area of life can be very beneficial. Year after year, this encourages people without a religious background to use this time for beneficial cleansing. We have 5 tips for a better quality of life through a conscious change in lifestyle.



1. nutrition

There are countless examples of this.

Meat in any form is traditionally avoided (perhaps only on weekdays).

You could also limit portion sizes, skip a meal or simply avoid snacks in between meals.

Avoiding sugar is certainly something for the advanced (in my opinion the supreme discipline).

Abstaining from alcohol affects some people more than others - the body will definitely thank us for complete abstinence for a certain period of time.


2. media

Waking up and quickly checking what's happening on social media before brushing your teeth, who's going to work today in what outfit and thinks it's worth sharing with the rest of the world or the little disaster check for news junkies - it's hard to imagine, but you can certainly do without it. One option would be to use the remaining time in the morning differently. Be it for a short morning walk, a yoga session or even a little meditation - even a shepherd's hour with your loved one could be worth considering.

The same applies to evening television entertainment. Instead, the above suggestions can also be extended.


3. mobility

Without giving it much thought, we jump in the car to travel one kilometer to the pharmacy or three to the gym (which makes a complete mockery of the whole thing). I live in the countryside myself and there is (at first glance) little infrastructure in my community, which makes it very difficult to do without a car. Nevertheless, I would like to manage to act more thoughtfully and coordinate my trips better.

In more urban areas, it is certainly possible to temporarily do without a car and perhaps free up time for more social media on public transport 😉


4. evaluation

Whether with ourselves or our environment - we constantly tend to judge and we often don't realize how exhausting this is and how much it prevents us from living in freedom. From my own experience, I can say that this only becomes clear when we consciously decide to do without it.

So let's be more gracious to others, but in order to achieve this, first and foremost to ourselves - that is a huge gain in the quality of life.


5. garbage

We buy and dispose of (sometimes even professionally) - an eternal cycle that, when reduced to its essentials, is relatively meaningless and a huge factor in the collapse of the climate.

This is especially true for clothing, because the cost of quickly produced goods without quality (i.e. disposable goods) is high, and the disposal is even higher.

Packaging of all kinds is certainly necessary in some cases, but consumers still need to rethink it. Fortunately, we have a choice and our purchasing decisions will shape the market of the future.

The amount of waste we produce is endless. A conscious decision against waste or even minimizing it will change our thinking.


pro.earth conclusion:

Renunciation can often be a gain and, above all, make you richer in time, health, life energy and, as a result, happiness beyond the period of fasting. 💚