Modern wood boilers solve particulate matter problem - Podcast hosted by Andreas Jäger

Particulate matter is an invisible problem. The microscopically small particles are produced when driving, in agriculture and when burning fossil or biogenic fuels. Particulate matter is also repeatedly used as an argument against bioenergy. As part of the climate protection podcast G'Scheitholz!, hosted by climate hunter and #proearth's scientific advisory board member Andreas Jäger, Prof. Ingwald Obernberger, process engineer and specialist in biomass combustion and biomass gasification, and Daniel Reiterer, expert in particulate matter and building technology at the Federal Environment Agency, talk about this often controversial topic.

It deals with questions such as: What is particulate matter? Who or what causes it? What possible solutions are there? Are low particulate matter technologies available? And the key question: Do we have to give up wood heating because of the fine dust debate?


Prof. Univ.-Doz. Dipl.-Ing. Dr. Ingwald Obernberger: "State-of-the-art wood heating systems do not have a fine dust problem - a great deal has been achieved here through consistent development work over the past ten years. The 'stepchild of the wood boiler industry' are the old systems, such as the so-called all-purpose burners. By replacing all old systems that are more than 20 years old with new, modern systems, we could reduce particulate emissions by 80%. State-of-the-art biomass furnaces, which work on the principle of extreme air staging, could even reduce particulate emissions by over 90%. This is why subsidies are very important for a changeover. I would also like to see an extra subsidy bonus for particularly 'low fine dust emission' systems so that the cleanest combustion technologies are given special priority."


Daniel Reiterer, MA: "We have observed a decrease in particulate matter emissions in recent years. The measures taken are having an effect. However, we must continue to work on further reducing emissions. We also need to make targeted and intelligent use of wood heating systems."


"Biomass use and air quality"

The position paper "Biomass use and air quality" identifies the key areas of action for sustainable, efficient and low-emission biomass energy use in small combustion plants. The necessary decarbonization of the heating stock (phasing out gas and oil heating systems) and the increasing requirements in terms of air pollution control are equally taken into account. The paper was drawn up by the Federal Environment Agency with the cooperation of the federal states and the Federal Ministry for Climate Protection as well as the biomass industry.

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